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Monday, November 29, 2010

Signing Times Versión En Español

Since we are strong believers and promoters of the Baby Signing Times DVD series, I feel compeled to write a small review about our recent purchase of the Signing Times VOL 2 DVD.  In a recent post, I commented on how we purchased the new edition of the Signing Times DVD because they have included an audio track en Español and so we needed to check it out.  I’ll keep it short and sweet.  It is HORRIBLE!!! Horrible, horrible, horrible.   I had issues with it even before making the purchase.  I think that if they are going to include an Español language track that everything should be en Español including the songs.  I’m sure that it would be incredibly difficult to write songs en  Español to the same caliber as the English versions, but not everything in life is easy.  I can live with this though.  Where I have the main complaint is in the production.  It is HORRIBLEMENTE produced.  ¡Horrible!  The parts where Rachel Coleman is giving the vocabulary and explaining how to make the signs is dubbed en Español.  They are such short and infrequent segments that I can live with the dubbing, which I usually hate.  But the sound track en Español is placed OVER the sound in English and YOU CAN STILL HEAR THE ENGLISH SIMULATANEOUSLY DURING THE ESPAÑOL!!!  In some parts, the English will start first and then the overlay of the Español will begin.  What a real disappointment from Two Hands Production.  It is embarrassing.  The majority of the other parts are fine.  They have native speakers and there really is an adequate amount of Español that I would be ok with it if the dubbing was not so incredibly horrible.  With that said, here is the KICKER:  sofía loves the darn DVD!  She asks for it by name and sign.  I think that Baby Signing Times is much more entertaining and appropriate for youngsters, but for some reason (I would like to think for the language, but that is Language Nerdo fantasizing.) she loves it.  She loves it so much that I unfortunately had to purchase the only other two DVDs with Español also.   Ugh….

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