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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Lately Sofía has become very attached to her peluches.  The Perro (that’s his name) she either calls by saying “wow, wow, wow” or signing ‘dog’.  There is the little bear, Pinky, who usually rides in her favorite toy, the stroller.  She says, “Pinky”.  Then there is the mico, monkey, Mateo, who sleeps with her in the cuna.  He is made without anything small that can fall out or off to cause some kind of hazard.  Last but not least, there is the Mickey Mouse peluche that we bought in Disneylandia in Junio.  She either signs “Mickey Mouse” (made by simulating his round ears on your head) or calls him, “Pa – Tí – Ta”.  I don’t know why she doesn’t call him Mickey Mouse because she can say “Mickey” – I’ve heard her actually say it about three times.  For whatever reason, her preference is to say,  “Pa – Tí – Ta”.  So be it then.  She has been asking for her amigos to accompany her in various places now….at the table to eat,  in her cuna during naps, or on her rocker to read to them.  It is all very interesting to watch her mimic things that we do every day.  Here in the foto, her amigos HAD to sit with her during desayuno and I had to feed them the same oatmeal and waffles that she ate! 

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