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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Experimento de Flores for Julio 4!

We hadn’t planned on much for celebrating El Día de Independencia.  But we did try to do a few red, white and blue actividades to engage in the festive spirit.

The first is an experiemnto de flores for Julio 4.
The experiment, as I’m sure you know, is about how flowers will change color if the color or paint is added to their water.  It is how they “drink” water and live.

These are our supplies:  flowers (fresh flowers work the best, ours were on their way out the door), markers, water colors, vases, white paper and a timer.

We labeled our vases,

Added the color and

 started the timer.

 This was our result!  Next time...FRESH FLOWERS!  (They absorb the color much better!)
Sofía really enjoyed the experimento and really enjoyed telling all our holiday guests about the experiemento and what the projected results would be!

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