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Monday, July 1, 2013

Caña de Azucar

My esposo fondly speaks of his time spent with his abuelo on the finca.  (Mi esposo uses the word Chacra which originates from the Quechua language.)  On the finca, el abuelo grew lots of different things, especially citrus.  But I remember hearing that he also grew caña de azúcar.  So when I saw cañas in Wholefoods, I knew I had to buy one so that Sofía could see what one looked like.  If Sofía lived in Perú or Colombia, surly she would already have sipped some guarapo (juice from sugar cane) and witnessed the machine extracting the juice at one of the various roadside stands.

Luckily we have YouTube to help keep in touch with our heritage!

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