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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anticuchos de Corazón

One thing that we wanted to do with Sofía during our brief viaje a Perú was expose her to all the delisioso cuisine that we could. One night we took her to Pardo’s Restaurante (what I like to refer to as a Chicken Shack). My hands were too greasy from the roasted chicken and fried yuca to take a foto when the food actually arrived. But what I was able to snap was a foto of Sofía and the Anticucho menu. Mi esposo LOVES anticuchos. He has tried to make them here, but really nothing compares to the Mother-Land. The word anticucho is quechuan for “cut stew meat”. Basically anticuchos are any shish-kebab marinated vinagre and grilled in specific Peruvian spices. Although anticuchos can be of any kind of meat, generally it is made from Beef heart. (It tastes like liver to me; I eat it, but it isn’t anything I crave.) Long story short…..Sofia ate anticuchos de corazón-and liked it!

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