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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Una Fiesta de Perros

Sofía celebrated her friend Victoria’s cumpleaños. The tema of the fiesta was Perros. Victoria’s mami did a really great job of intertwining the tema everywhere. First of all, the main dish was….hot dogs! So they served all different flavors of hot dogs. The decorations also had perros everywhere, but the best were the party favors where I think that Victoria’s mami went all out! She pays a lot attention to details. The cupcakes had little perro finger puppets on the top, a book about perros (ours was in Español – how sweet!), a Clifford the Big Red Dog CD with songs and coloring pages, varios perro candy, a perro hat, and a bookmark about perros. What we really like about our friends is that although they don’t really speak Español, they are so into helping us keep up our tradition with Sofía. They always make the effort to give her things in Español instead of Inglés and they try here and there to incorporate what Español they do know. So while man’s best friend is a perro, friends like Victoria’s familia are priceless!

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