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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Disney World: Un Parque Chévere-Epcot Día II

Epcot has an atracción where you can go and meet all the personajes at once and take pictures of with each of them separately.  It is kind of nice.  You wait in line and pass from one to the other and you can take fotos and they also have one of their fotógrafos taking fotos also.  I was really impressed with how much time each personaje spent with Sofía and really made her feel like she was the only child they had seen in years!  I was also impressed with how they all (at every park) seemed to understand some Español.  This experience was BY FAR the most enjoyable for Sofía as you can see from her cara.  As we waited in line at 8:30 PM, she was tired and really didn’t grasp the concept of what we were going to do.  We told her that she was going to get to meet Mickey and Pato Donald, etc…but it just really didn’t click….unitl….she rounded the corner.  When she saw Mickey Mouse, she squeeled and RAN to him.  She sat in his lap, she hugged him and couldn’t stop smiling.  This definitely was what Disney World meant for Sofía and by far her favorite, “Parque Chévere!”

Pluto is a big fluffy fur ball!

Minnie gave Sofia lots of hugs and love!

Tribilin is really, really, tall!

Sofia gives Pato Donald un beso!

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