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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seven Oaks Lavender Finca

Last week, Sofía and her amiga Victoria visited a lavender finca.  (Sorry Siena, we missed out on going with you too!) It was a lovely experience!  Not only did I feel like we travelled to the REAL campo, I felt like we travelled back in time to experience the good fun of yesteryears!  (Not quite Little House on the Prairie, but definitely The Waltons!)
Seven Oaks Lavender Farm is a family business.  We were attended to by the very young (12 años ?) generation of the family who were more professional than many adults I have encountered!  Before the trip, I didn’t like the aroma of lavanda, but stepping out of the car, a sweet delicioso fragrance took over my olfato and I became a convert.  One of the young men in charge explained that there are many types of lavanda and one is much sweeter than the rest.
The first thing to greet us was a cozy gated area for you to meet some new conejos! 

The girls meandered through the patch and cut their own lavanda.

When we were finished frolicking in the lavanda fields, we played with some good ole toys and play house.

Under the shade of a beautiful mature tree, we picnicked on a blanket while taking in the beautiful scenery!  Really their website needs to include these extra benefits which make the trip to the lavanda finca much more kid-friendly that we expected!  If you are in the Northern Virginia area, this is a MUST-DO!  But ¡dáte prisa!  The Seven Oaks Lavender Farm is only open through Julio 3!

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